Lego Builder Bots


Help LEGO bots construct their Lego projects


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Lego Builder Bots are machines made of Lego bricks that live to build. ITs is their sole purpose. They build non-stop until they run out of power, then, they collapse and get recycled.

Builder Bots create colorful structures, a new project for each new level. They come in all kind od shapes and sizes. The bots work on a project and your goal is to construct bots by collecting bricks.

Your job is to operate the catcher and create bots by catching LEGO bricks of a certain color. The colored circle in the middle of the catcher will tell you the color of the bricks you have to collect.

Finally, while you are collecting bricks you'll see different power-ups falling from the sky: feather, funnel, brick clusters, magnet, battery, wrench, star... Some of them are good and other ones aren't so be careful.

Lego Builder Bots is a funny game that can be played by children and adults. It's easy for children and addictive enough for adults.

30 minutes trial version

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